Independence day in India🇮🇳

मेरा मुल्क मेरा देश मेरा ये वतन, शांति का उन्नति का, प्यार का चमन, इसके वास्ते निसार है, मेरा तन, मेरा मन🇮🇳🥀

Today 15th August, Independence day of India. Here we celebrate independence day to remember our freedom fighter who fought for our independence. We all salute them for what they have done. Some known freedom fighters are Subhash chandra bose, Mohandas karmchand gandhi, jawahar lal nehru, bhagat singh, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Lal bahadur shastri, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Bal gangadhar tilak, Gopal Krishna ghokhle, and many more.


But due to COVID-19, we are missing all performances we use to do today. We use to dance, sing, on patriotic songs. We use to gather at one place for flag hoisting. The Independence day is very exciting day for us. We salute our country and our India tricolor flag and all those freedom fighters.

This Independence day I am praying for all farmers and doctors and policemen’s and all Corona warriors those who are taking risk for us to protect our Nation. Specially our soldiers who are standing near border to protect our country.

In this Independence day I must tell to every citizen of India that you should promise that you will protect your Nation from each and every problem. There are many languages and culture and religion. We should promise to our nation that we will not bias anyone on the basis of their skin color, religion, community, caste. We must stand together for our country greatness. 🇮🇳🇮🇳

I pray for each and every Nation that may this pandemic get over very soon. And we all can live normal life.                                                           

Love yourself

The heading itself says that you should love yourself as you are. Accept yourself as you are. No matter how you look. No one is perfect in this world. The thing that matter is your behaviour and talking habits with people. You don’t need anyone to make decision for your life. You are only responsible for your life. You are your own boss. You have to take your own decision for a successful life. This will happen when you start loving yourself. You have to start giving time to yourself and your dreams to make it come true. The reason to love yourself is:- First of all loving yourself makes you think about yourself and your dreams. You just have to focus on yourself. How can you make yourself happy:- Do what you lovr to do. Make yourself happy by doing your favorite things such as your hobby. – Find time for yourself and go to travel somewhere where you find peace and joyfulness. – Give break to yourself by doing what you like i.e Give time to yourself and you can do meditation to make yourself relax. – Start saying NO to people and you don’t need to available for people around you all the time. Start saying NO to them. – Find your own happiness by enjoying your own company. – Be proud of yourself of who you are. Choose your Inspiration. There is no one in this world who can put you down. You only responsible for your failure and success. You can also take development training for your better. There is no need for you to listen to motivational speakers. You are your own motivaters. Motivate yourself by reminding yourself that this is the point where I have to reach. Stay away from people who are distracting or who are making you feel discourage. You have to believe in yourself that you can do this. You should have trust on yourself. It will built your confidence. Being selfish for your good and for your successful life is better. You don’t need to care for anyone else. You should stop giving importance to those people who don’t deserve it. There are many problems in your life which are going to come on your way. You need to face each and every problem by yourself. Successful life will come if you love your dreams. For loving your dreams you need to work on it and yourself and this will going to happen if you love yourself.❤️❤️

Love yourself. No matter how you looks. The only thing matter is your behavior and kindness towards people around you. You are judged not by your looks but by your good work and inner qualities. So accept yourself as you are❤️❤️


Some people are emotional and caring and some people are only intellectual and don’t have emotions. Sensible people thinks from mind and sensitive people listens to their heart. People who are sensible are not sensitive because they think from their mind and are intellectual. While sensitive people takes small things seriously and start crying.

A leader must possess both the qualities – sensible as well and sensitive. They should listen to their heart as well as they should have intellectual property. Not only leader,the person must also keep balance b/w heart and mind together. In today’s generation most of the people listen to their heart. They thought what heart say that is right but this is not true. Sometimes we have to listen to our brain also. Never let your heart overlaps your mind.

Lets take an illustration :- A leader must posses both qualites according to situation. For say – A leader behaviour towards it’s employees must be good and he should not be too autocratic towards them. He should give them financial as well as non-financial incentives for their work. And on the other hand he should keep a watch on them that they are working properly or not and he should give them more initiative for work. Too much heart lead to heartbreak, carelessness and at the same time heart is good also if you spread good things like love, caring, understanding, concerning. On the other hand too much of mind will lead to lack of emotion, trust, and understanding. But it has many good effect also like respectfullness, disciplined, ability to judge, responsibility and many more. May be your emotions let you think from your heart. May be your mind say this is not right. May be your heart knows how to heal. Maybe your heart kept each and every thing of the people who had hurt you once. Maybe you are more intellectual or maybe you are too caring or emotionalfull. But keeping all these things aside you should keep balance b/w both heart and mind. Heart needs mind to be loving, caring and your wishes under control. Mind needs heart to overcome danger and fight through difficulties and insecuarities.

Keep balance b/w both heart and mind☺️☺️

Aɴɪᴍᴀʟs Pʀᴏᴛᴇᴄᴛɪᴏɴ

Animals abusing- A very serious problem Nowdays as we all know lots of animals are killed to make leather items animals are pulled and beaten brutally for their skin.😑😑 Government should put strict punishment and very high fine for animals cruelty and people should get strict punishment for animals abusing.

Leather industry slaughters more than a billion animals for skin. Animals are cruely treated while transportation also. Most leather produced are made from skin of cattle, calves, sheeps, goats, snakes and many more species. Even dogs and cats are slaughtered, skinned, tortured. This may frightened many of us those who love animals. For food purposes Marine animals, chickens, ducks, pigs, sheeps, goats, cows are killed

According to hindu mythology cows, tiger, Horse, lion, elephant, snake, monkey, bull are worshipped. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in lockdown, humans have experienced anger. Now we humans can imagine how animals live in caged zoos. Now it’s time to educate children to be front runners in protecting animals. Cruelty against animals is cognizable under sec 428 and 429 of IPC. Now their is an urgent need to implement this laws. Food and shelter must be provided by government to animals. Animals also have right to live without pain. We all need to understand this. See animals as a part of society. Do not differentiate between pets and strays. If you see animals in need, call animals care helpline. Buy cruelty free products i.e non leather products. Allocate funds for their well being. Experiments on animals must stop. Animals are also a part of nation and they have equal right to live as humans ❤️❤️

Take care of them …Animals should treated equally as humans❤️💕🙏🙏

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